Local Carpet Cleaner Heaton Mersey

Local Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner Heaton Mersey

Heaton Mersey’s Best Value Carpet Cleaner

With over 20 years’ experience cleaning carpets in Heaton Mersey and the surrounding areas CSK Carpet Cleaning offer an unrivalled local Carpet cleaning service. We are reliable, polite, friendly and pride ourselves on flawless cleaning results. We utilise some of the latest and most powerful machinery available and offer a range of cleaning services that will suit all of your carpet and furnishing needs in Heaton Mersey.

Longer Lasting Carpets with our Superior Deep Clean

No matter how dirty or stained your carpets and soft furnishings are in Heaton Mersey, at CSK Carpet Cleaning we will use our extensive professional experience to give you unbelievable cleaning results at great value. We can remove stains left by all the accidents and spills with modern day living. Including; tea, coffee, wine, pets, mud, soot, urine, blood, vomit etc. Our staff will help to move your furniture if necessary!  Our deep cleaning techniques can also extend the life of your treasured carpets and furnishing but by adding stain protection and re-protection we can also help prevent staining in the future.


If you are want an amazingly deep carpet clean with extremely fast drying in Heaton Mersey then call now on 0161 474 1598

Did You Know ?

Using our very popular Low Moisture system. Your carpets can be Cleaned, Deodourised, Stain Blocked and Bone dry in well under an hour.


CSK Carpet Cleaning Specialist Heaton Mersey provides a top quality, professional local cleaning service for:

  • Domestic carpets
  • Commercial carpets
  • Upholstery
  • Rugs (on-site & off-site)
  • Curtains (removal is not necessary)
  • Soft furnishings
  • “dry clean only” fabrics
  • Leather
  • Stain protection

Extend the life of your carpets and create a healthier environment for you and your family with our expert local Carpet Cleaning service in Heaton Mersey.

Get A FREE Stain Spot Remover with every Job!

The Process CSK use To Hygienically Deep Clean Your Carpets & Furnishings

Furniture Moving.  Where possible i’ll move your furniture to make sure every bit of your carpet is cleaned

Dry Vacuum. Using a commercial Vacuum cleaner as much soil as possible will be removed

Pre-Spot Treatment.  Using 25 years of expertise and knowledge i’ll first work on any pre-existing stains.

Pre-Spray Carpet. This step involves spraying your carpet with a very safe but powerful cleaning solution to loosen deep down dirt.

Extraction. Next i will use an extremely powerful commercial carpet cleaning machine that will rinse and extract all the dirt and toxins from your carpet.

Post Grooming. Using a professional pile brush i will reset the pile of your carpet, Leaving it not only clean but beautiful looking too.

Turbo Drying. If needed i have industrial carpet dryers that will speed up the drying time immensely.


We only use safe and 100% eco friendly cleaning products. Safeguarding you, your family and your pets.



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