Does your business premises need carpet cleaning? Our advanced low moisture cleaning system is the most efficient way of cleaning carpets in your busy working environment!

Recently we cleaned the carpets at a very busy office in Stockport. We cleaned them on Saturday morning as that’s the quietest time to do it during the week. We always try to accommodate our clients and work according to their needs so that their business can continue with minimal disruption. After having further discussion with the client we agreed that we will use the low moisture carpet cleaning process in order to bring up the carpet to the right standard without causing any disruptions to daily business operations.

Why low moisture carpet cleaning?

Low moisture carpet cleaning is very popular method of carpet cleaning in offices and in generally busy commercial environments. There are many benefits of using this cleaning system. First of all, it ensures the carpets dry fast and are ready to use in an extremely short amount of time. It usually only takes only about 1 hour for the carpets to dry completely. This is because the low moisture cleaning machine only uses very little water during the cleaning process. This also means that we can safely assure our clients that all of their office equipment, laptops, computers, printers and other electrical devices are safe whilst we are cleaning around them. Low moisture cleaning is the safest and most sensible approach for cleaning office carpets or business premises

Another huge benefit for the client is that the low moisture cleaning is carried out without huge noise disturbances. Steam cleaning is effective for deep cleaning heavily soiled carpets but but this process does create a lot of noise. On the other hand, our bonnet low moisture cleaning machines are able to clean as effectively with hardly any noise, which allows employees of the business and their clients to proceed with their business day again uninterrupted with minimal disruption.

If you would like to request a demo of our low moisture carpet cleaning at your commercial premises in Stockport then please call 07711 383935