Are you looking for an eco-friendly carpet cleaner in Stockport?

Very often recently we get asked whether CSK Carpet Cleaning is an eco friendly cleaning business. The answer is YES! CSK are proud to use eco-friendly cleaning products, making sure that our customers are confident all of our products are safe for you and your home. CSK are able to remove many types of dirt and stains from your carpets and upholstery using only eco-friendly cleaning products. Our top cleaning products are safe around your children and or pets due to their green eco organic nature.

Green carpet cleaning Stockport

We also find that keeping your carpets regularly cleaned will help to remove dust and allergen particles that can also improve air quality in your home.

Why chose eco-friendly carpet cleaning?

  • Friendly cleaning for kids and pets
  • Friendly for sensitive people with allergies
  • Biodegradable
  • Detergent free formula
  • Mild PH cleaning is safe for cleaning all types of carpets including wool and nylon
  • Polymer technology – no sticky residue left in the carpets
  • Low inhalation risks – we don’t release harmful substances into the air
  • Helps to safely removes allergens, bacteria and other potential hazards

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