Are you thinking of renting out a steam cleaner? Maybe a rug doctor? or similar? Well please take a read of our blog which looks at the pros and cons of steam cleaner hire and why it can be cheaper and easier to in fact just get a carpet cleaning professional instead.

There are a few things you should consider before hiring a do it yourself steam carpet and upholstery cleaning machine.

1. It is not as cost effective as it seems
To hire a carpet cleaning machine in Manchester you would have to spend around £30 for the machine rental alone. Consider that the machine alone is not sufficient to carry out the cleaning. In addition to this price, depending on your situation, you are required to pay for various detergents such as carpet high foot traffic cleaner, pet-stain detergent, upholstery cleaner, spot and stain remover, as well as anti foaming solution and deodoriser. There is also a small fee to pay if you would like to hire an upholstery attachment for cleaning fabrics.  Lastly, you then have to think about how you’re going to collect the cleaning machine you’re planning on to hire. You can either spend time and fuel money picking it from the store and dropping it back up again after you’re done or you can arrange a delivery and collection service, which will cost you another £15-£25. Now, after adding all of these up, a very attractive price of £30 for using the machine easily doubles, if not triples its cost, making not as cost effective as advertised.

2. Hired domestic machines are not professional cleaning machines
Domestic hired steam cleaning machines don’t deliver the same results as professional carpet and upholstery cleaning machines. They simply don’t have the same vacuum suction and water pressure that ours do. This is what provides the deepest cleaning results. Those machines are fitted with small water pumps, which are unable to flush the dirt out of the carpet effectively.  Commercial carpet cleaning machines like the ones we operate have fully adjustable high-pressure pumps, which enable us to control how much water needs to be injected into your carpets, depending on the level of soiling. In addition to that, our industrial machines are fitted with powerful multistage vacuums, which lift the water out of your carpets leaving them completely dry in as little as few hours and not days! Professional steam cleaning service should be carried out with hot water. In the domestic machines, the water you put into the machine is the water that you’re going to use for cleaning. Professional cleaning machines go beyond that and have heating elements built into them, which heat up the water to as much as 210 degrees, which in turn helps to provide even better cleaning results and quicker drying times! At CSK Carpet Cleaning, we like always aim to provide the best possible carpet and upholstery cleaning service in Belfast and that’s why always use commercial drying equipment on our jobs to provide additional value to our service.

3. Think of the time & hassle
Before you hire a carpet cleaning machine, you will have to leave a deposit and proof of address in the store for security purposes. Then, you have to allow yourself some time the pick up and drop of the machine, as well as go through the hassle of visiting a busy store, if you didn’t go for the home delivery option. Now that you have the machine, you actually have to spend time putting it together, figuring out how to use it at home. This in itself can take half a day before you have even started any cleaning! Then you can spend hours using the machine to clean with that is not as powerful as commercial grade cleaning machines. Even then, you are not guaranteed any decent results and that’s a last think you want to see after spending hours doing ‘deep cleaning’ around the house. What a way to spend a day off work huh?

At CSK Carpet Cleaning we can help you avoid all of that! You can make booking with us over the phone, via text message, Facebook or email… Hassle Free! All we need from you is few simple booking details such as name, address and contact number… done! We offer flexible booking times in order to work around your busy schedule. Our professional grade and quick drying cleaning equipment helps us to carry out cleaning effectively and quickly around your house. We only ask you to move the small items out of the room for us and we take care of the rest! Most importantly, we manage your expectations from the very start. We will let you know what sort of results you can expect in the end of our deep cleaning process. For us, customer satisfaction is most important and that’s why we will never make any promises we can’t keep!

4. Knowledge and experience is the key
Before you hire a steam cleaning machine you may firstly ask yourself how much do you actually know about carpet and upholstery cleaning. What if you damage the machine you’ve hired? What if you damage your favourite armchair or sofa because you have been too aggressive with the detergents and/or water whilst cleaning? What should be done to completely remove wine or odour from your carpet? Is it safe to use the detergents of your choice around your children and pets?

Carpet and upholstery cleaning may sound like a simple thing to do as first, however there is much more than you think to it. Before starting any cleaning, a professional carpet and upholstery cleaner should evaluate the type of fibre and carry out safety tests which will help to determine which cleaning method and chemical will be best suitable for the job. At CSK Carpet Cleaning, we are fully insured and trained, so that you can feel safe in our hands. We attend regular training courses, which help us to refresh our knowledge and learn new skills and methods that would benefit our service and our customers. We take the responsibility for those tough jobs, so that you don’t have to worry about anything.  We believe in attention to detail and having everything done the ‘right’ way. If you are looking for your local, professional carpet and upholstery cleaning service in Manchester, call someone you can trust, call Clinton at CSK Carpet Cleaning.