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Upholstery Cleaning Stockport

CSK Cleaners over the past 25 years have earned a fantastic reputation cleaning upholstery and furniture right here in Stockport. Maybe that horrible stain on your couch is bothering you, Or maybe it’s just been years and your sofa’s are overdue a deep clean! CSK upholstery cleaning Stockport service will make your upholstery look great again. A deep clean will make your sofa’s, couches and chairs look years newer. You will be amazed at the difference a deep clean makes to the look and feel of your Upholstered furniture.

Here’s Why Your Upholstery Needs A Deep Clean

Upholstery cleaning is very often overlooked because people assume that if it has no stains on it then it’s clean. Imagine your upholstered items as sponges. The allergens and dust particles in the air just get absorbed right in. Not to mention dead skin and dirt from your clothes. Regular Vacuuming helps but it cant get deep enough to get it all out. So your couch or sofa may look clean but there are lots of hidden nasties in there. If it’s been over a year or two since you had your upholstery cleaned then you will be surprised at the difference a deep clean can make! 

Let’s Get Your Upholstery Amazingly Clean Again

The first thing we do is a series of small tests just so i know the exact type of fabric you have. Once we know this we  utilise the best cleaning system to use. Some finer fabrics require a dry cleaning system which is no problem. By far though most upholstered fabrics can be cleaned using our hot water extraction system. This involves your items being thoroughly dry vacuumed with a commercial grade machine. Then a very safe but effective cleaning solution is applied and worked in to the fabric to release the dirt from the fibres. Lastly the dirt is all extracted away using the most modern and powerful hot water extraction machine. If needed we can then use commercial dryers to speed up the drying time but in most cases the items are bone dry within a couple of hours.

The Final Result Is Perfectly Clean Upholstery

This is the bit customers love the best. Your furniture will be left spotlessly cleaner and brighter and smelling  fresher than it ever did. Having had all the dirt and toxins removed it is also much healthier. We will also leave you with a free bottle of professional spotter worth £9.99 so you can keep on top of any little accidental spills or stains in the future.

Look At The Amazing Difference I Made To These Sofa’s


Extend the life of your upholstery and create a healthier environment for you and your family with our expert Upholstery Cleaning service.

We only use safe and 100% eco friendly cleaning products. Safeguarding you, your family and your pets.


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